• IB Junior Summer Work
    2020-2021 HOTA Junior Summer Work Watch the following Crash Course US History videos on youtube. Reconstruction and 1876 Industrial Economy Westward Expansion Growth, Cities, and Immigration Gilded Age Politics The Progressive Era After watching each episode, answer the questions for that episode on the accompanying hand-out. Please bring the completed hand-out to class the first […]
  • Documentaries in Class – Juniors
    If possible, I will try and post links to any documentary we watch in class on this post.
  • Junior Lecture Outlines
    Here are ┬áthe lecture outlines for this year. Please print them and use them as a guide for note-taking during class. SS10 Emergeance of a Nation 19th Century Canada WWI SS11 Mexican Revolution SS12 Great Depression Canada Latin America SS13 World War II SS14 Post War Latin America SS15 Post War America & Canada SS16 […]
  • Junior Syllabus Section Descriptions
    Classroom Policy Documents Classroom Rules Grading Policies Here are the IB descriptions for the units we will cover during Junior year. SS10 – Emergeance of the Americas SS11 – Mexican Revolution SS12 – Great Depression SS13 – World War II SS15 – Post War US & Canada SS16 – The Cold War
  • Junior Class Handouts
    Various handouts from class will be posted here.